Soba Dakuku-Peterside, Head Girl 2016/2017
Becoming Head Girl has been an interesting five years of outstanding leadership, learning and self-discovery. It took three things to get here – Dedication, Hard work and Prayer.

I have been taught all my life to be God fearing, spirited and think on my feet. I am a political enthusiast, blogger and poet. I am young in age but strong in character. I am ambitious and I believe that one of my goals in life is to lead and help others to achieve their own goals. This opportunity to serve as Head Girl has inspired and enabled me to contribute to a greater Atlantic Hall by ardently motivating students to be responsible and purpose driven individuals.

Atlantic Hall has contributed immensely to my personal growth and made me really versatile. My personal philosophy could be summarised in this phrase – “There is a voice within every man that urges him to live veraciously, treat others fairly and be true to himself”. However man interprets that voice in different ways and sometimes misses its original connotation. Interestingly, the voice seldom becomes too still to ignore. I try to listen to this voice. I am thankful to be that voice in my tenure as Head Girl.

Jason C. Okoli, Head Boy 2016/2017
Even before I became Head boy I knew that it was a huge responsibility. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by what is expected of me, but as a leader I must not let the weight of the role hinder my efficiency in executing my duties. To wear this badge – with all of its prestige and authority is an honour but comes with it, a lot of responsibility. Sometimes, I wish for a life where I am not the Head boy and then I remember that this is what I signed up for.

I want to be responsible for all that happens in the school, the good and even the not so good. I want to be held accountable because as an aspiring future leader, this role is the greatest test of my leadership skills to date. To be the head prefect, one must be strong intellectually to make smart decisions. Each action I take has an effect on so many people. One must be strong emotionally because with such authority and responsibilities, I cannot allow personal gain or my feelings to interfere with important decision making.

I have quickly come to realise that the students whose opinions matter the most are not my friends. The job is harder when you want to be remembered as great, it would be easier to be just average, but average is not an option for me. Only excellence will do in Atlantic Hall. I am Head boy because the school has faith in my abilities, so I too must be focused and strive for excellence.

Maya L. Chukujama, Deputy Head Girl 2016/2017
From the moment I arrived at the blue gates albeit young and shy, I had a game plan in my head. I’d let you in on one of the things I tell myself when I’m passing through a new phase of my life. It’s ‘get focused, get focused and get focused!’

Five years down the line with hard work, tears, determination and of course, the Almighty God, I am succeeding in Atlantic Hall. After careful thought and evaluation, I was chosen as the Deputy Head Girl of this great institution.

In this prestigious position, my main goal is to add value by bringing about the positive changes in the attitudes and ways of thinking of the students; they need to understand that one’s intelligence quotient can only take them as far, but one’s good character even further in life. Atlantic Hall is an enabling environment to discover your various skills as it creates opportunities for curricular and co-curricular activities. In my time in Atlantic Hall, I have gained so much confidence through different situations – such as school debating competitions and frequent leadership undertakings. I have learnt to think big and determine how far I want to go in life. We are taught to understand that we are built to overcome challenges that may appear insurmountable. I work with an amazing team and my advice to the younger students: Think big, add value wherever you go and seize opportunities as they come!

Michael J. Isa, Deputy Head Boy 2016/2017
Being the Deputy Head Boy is much more than just a title. It represents the level of integrity one has attained in one’s stay in Atlantic Hall. Being deputy Head Boy means that you are at the fore of the school; all eyes are on you and it is part of your job to uphold the image of Atlantic Hall. To me, it means it is my responsibility to take care of other students and be a role model to them.

I came into Atlantic Hall in the middle of the 2013-2014 session, I was in JSS3 and came from Uganda (East Africa); it was quite a change. It was my first experience in a boarding school environment and I felt that I did not have enough time to fully adjust to this because I had two external exams pending at the time (BECE and Checkpoint) so I had to hit the ground running. I joined the debating; football, basketball, chess, swimming and drama clubs – these clubs helped me integrate into this new environment.

By the end of SS1 I had the privilege of being selected as a Marshal, I knew that eyes were on me and I had obligations and a high standard to follow. In SS2 life was all about studying for IGCSE’s, handling my responsibilities as a marshal and my social life. I am proud of the fact that my grades did not decline even through all this. As a result of my consistency and perseverance, with the grace of God I am the Deputy Head Boy of Atlantic Hall.

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Head Girl

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Deputy Head Girl

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