Principal's Welcome

It is an incredible privilege to be leading this committed and extraordinary community of staff and students.

Our students arrive here apprehensive and uncertain, brimming with innocent optimism and natural curiosity. They depart as educated, erudite, confident, compassionate and natural leaders equipped to make a meaningful contribution in the world that lies beyond our horizons. We attract the conventional, spirited, eclectic, eccentric and quiet – all personality types find true expression within our walls.

Great schools thrive on great expectations, promote learning for its own sake and provide opportunities for every aspect of growth and development – fundamentally, they embody a vision. Atlantic Hall not only embodies this vision, but is overtly mission and values driven derived from the principles and philosophy of its Founders who remain Trustees of the school to date.

Atlantic Hall is a Christian faith based school but celebrates and respects all expressions of faith. We guide our students to seek common moral, ethical and spiritual ground represented among the student population. In today’s increasingly secular world our clear moral values are strong and serve our students well, ensuring that their faith is a beacon of certainty in an often confusing world.

We see education as a transformational process guiding students towards academic success, good character and leadership – to excel in a competitive and dynamic world. We provide an education that is challenging, enriching and fun for each student, focused upon their individual potential and aspirations.

As a full boarding school our students enjoy a vast range of co-curricular activities. Our goal is to guide each student to identify and develop their talents and interests to the best of their ability. To surprise and delight themselves and their families by what they are capable of achieving.

Essentially, Atlantic Hall is a school where the balance between academic rigour and outstanding pastoral care ensures that all students learn to live and work alongside others whose talents, beliefs, backgrounds and cultures are as different as they are diverse.

I hope that our website conveys the true ethos of Atlantic Hall, and you will come to know us better.

Andrew Jedras
Principal & CEO