The school has two broad assessments: Internal and external


The quality and degree of learning of our students are continuously assessed by teachers through various formative techniques. These assessments are used to inform further learning by both the teachers and their students. However for reporting purposes, classwork, prep assignments, projects and tests are computed to generate Form Order scores.

These scores are used to produce midterm report cards for parents. At the end of each term, examinations are conducted to assess and report to parents how much learning took place in that term.


The school uses assessment tests from GL Education of UK. These tests include CAT4 (a test of the Cognitive Ability of the child). Progress Tests in Mathematics, English and in Science are also undertaken. Other external examinations include West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and Checkpoint.

Apart from accurately detecting the learning preferences of the child, CAT4 reveals the developed cognitive ability and academic potential of the child. The Progress Tests measure attainment in core subjects.

These help to set realistic targets as future attainments can be predicted. These assessments are taken by each child and separate reports for students, parents and teachers are produced and distributed.