Atlantic Hall offers exceptional 24 Hour, 7 Day / Week medical care for all its staff and students. Our fully functional medical center has male & female 15 bed wards, a consulting room, treatment room, quarantine room, nurse’s station and fully stocked pharmacy. The center is also equipped with a fully functioning ambulance, nebulizers, oxygen concentrator, Suctioning Machine, Automated External Defibrillators, and Autoclave.

The medical center is staffed by 2 resident doctors (male & female), 4 nurses and 2 Health Assistants. Our Doctors would be delighted to discuss medical issues concerning students with parents and happily liaise with a student’s regular GP, Consultant and other medical staff, e.g. Physiotherapists etc.

Ambulance Service

An Ambulance is on campus to convey students in an emergency to partner hospitals in referral cases.
All emergencies are assessed on merit and referred accordingly. Minor /routine treatments are carried out at our clinic on campus.


Under no circumstance should a student be in possession of medication excluding Ventolin (for Asthma) and only if authorized by the Doctor. The dispensing and storage of prescribed drugs is overseen by the dedicated medical team to cover a range of non-critical conditions such as malaria.

All prescribed and non-prescribed medications or drugs must be handed over to the medical team who will record the medication, quantify the contents and arrange dispensing according to the prescription. All medications must be presented in a sealed clear plastic bag with the student’s name and year group clearly marked.