2023 Founder’s Day Celebration


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On January 2023, Atlantic Hall officially clocked 34 years old. To celebrate the day, the school held a Founder’s Day event on Thursday, the 16th of March, 2023. The celebration, which is an annual ritual, is designed to extol the virtues and ideals of the school.


The students and members of staff assembled at the dining hall to appreciate the stride of the school for the past 34 years. There was a poetic rendition to celebrate the dreams of the ten ladies that conceived the lofty idea; Atlantic Hall School. The poem further celebrated the exploits of women in general.
A slide presentation on the History of the school was also presented. This appropriately chronicled the story of the school from 1989-2023.
A drama presentation was also presented to simulate the efforts of the ten women in conceiving the idea of the school.