Term Dates

1st Term

IGCSE Result out

12th August, 2021
Staff INSET 30th August-3rd September, 2021
Arrival of JS1 Transfer Students and Prefect

8th September, 2021

Orientation for JS1 and Transfer Students 9th-11th September, 2021

SS3 Students Resume

10th September, 2021

JS2 and SS1 Students Resume

11th September, 2021

JS3 and SS2 Students Resume

12th September, 2021
Lessons Begin

13th September, 2021

Nigeria Independence Day

1st October, 2021

Family Visiting Day

2nd October, 2021

Teachers' Day

5th October, 2021

International Day of the Girl Child Celebration

16th October, 2021

Id El Maulud

19th October, 2021

Sanitation Day

23rd October, 2021

JS1 Virtual Consultation Day

28th October, 2021

Half Term Break Begins

29th October, 2021

Students Return from Half Term Break

7th November, 2021
Academic and Effort Award Assembly

10th November, 2021

Sanitation Day

20th November, 2021

Family Visiting Day

27th November, 2021

Sports Heat and Trials

8th-10th December, 2021

Swimming Gala

11th December, 2021

Praise Night Concert

13th December, 2021

Bash/Fun Day

14th December, 2021

Packing for Departure

15th December, 2021

Carol Service/End of First Term

16th December, 2021

2nd Term

Students Resume for Second Term

9th January, 2022

Lessons Begin

10th January, 2022
SS2 Virtual Consultation Day

13th January, 2022

Entrance Examination

15th January, 2022

SS3 Virtual Consultation Day

20th January, 2022
28th Annual Inter-House Sports Athletics Day

29th January, 2022

28th Annual Inter-House Sports Ball Games Day

12th February, 2022

SS1 Virtual Consultation Day

17th February, 2022
Half Term Begins

18th February, 2022

Entrance Examination

19th February, 2022
Students Return from Half Term Break

27th February, 2022

A Hall Soccer Challenge

12th March, 2022

Inter Schools Ball Games/Sports Dinner

19th March, 2022

Entrance Examination

19th March, 2022
JS3 Virtual Consultation Day

31st March, 2022

End of Second Term

7th April, 2022

Easter Holiday

15th-18th April, 2022

3rd Term

Students Resume for Third Term

24th April, 2022

Lessons Begin

25th April, 2022

Entrance Examination

30th April, 2022
Workers’ Day

2nd May, 2022

Id El Fitr

4th May, 2022

Children’s Day

27th May, 2022

JS2 Virtual Consultation Day

2nd June, 2022

Half Term Begins

3rd June, 2022

Students Return from Half Term Break (Public holiday)

12th June, 2022

Democracy Day

12th/13th June, 2022

End of 2021 - 2022 Session

14th July, 2022