Term Dates

3rd Term

Resumption for 3rd Term (Staggered)

9th-11th April, 2021

Cambridge Checkpoint Examination

19th-21st April, 2021

Hot Seat (One Day With Principal)

24th April, 2021

Labour Day/Staff Games

1st May, 2021

Eid-el-Fitri/Inter House Ball Games

13th-14th May, 2021

Students Depart for Half Term Break

21st May, 2021

3rd Term Half Term Break

21st-30th May, 2021

Children's Day

27th May, 2021

Students Return from Mid-Term Break

30th May, 2021

Orientation Programme for New Students and Parents

5th June, 2021

Emerging Professions Workshop for JS1, JS2 & JS3 Students

5th June, 2021

2021 IGCSE Ends

11th June, 2021
Democracy Day-Talks and Debates

12th June, 2021

Film Show-History of Democracy

12th June, 2021

SS2 Students Continue Classes

14th June, 2021

3rd Term Examination (JS1-SS2)

21st-26th June, 2021

Awards Night-Students and Staff

6th-7th July, 2021

End of Session

8th July, 2021

Staff End of Year Socials

8th July, 2021


Date to be Decided After WASSCE

2nd Term

Refresher Training and Webinar for all Students

8th-13th January 2021

Virtual Resumption for all Students

18th January 2021

Physical Resumption (Staggered)

22nd-24th January 2021

Commencement of Physical Classes

25th January 2021

Online Entrance Exams Into JS1 (1st)

30th January 2021

Online Entrance Exams Into JS1 (2nd & 3rd)

13th & 27th February 2021

2nd Term Mid-Term Break  (To be spent In School)

26th February & 1st March 2021

Inter-House Sports/ Visiting Day

27th February 2021

Online Exams into JS1 (4th)

13th March 2021

2nd Term Examination

17th-23rd March 2021

 End of Second Term

26th March 2021

Online Transfer Exam (JS2, 3 and SS1) Supplementary Exam

27th March 2021

1st Term

Virtual Orientation for Incoming JS1 Students

5th September, 2020

Virtual Resumption for All Students

21st September, 2020

Independence Day

1st October, 2020

Physical Resumption (Staggered)

15th-18th October, 2020


29th October, 2020

1st Term Mid-Term Break (To be Spent in School)

29th October-1st November, 2020

End of 1st Term

11th December, 2020