Practice Adventurous Journey of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme

Camping at the volleyball and basketball courts
Participants cooking their own meals

The Duke of Edinburgh award had its Practice Adventurous Journey on the 11th-13th of November, 2022. The Practice Adventurous journey was to show the supervisor/assessor in charge that the participants have all the necessary skills to embark on a Qualifying Journey, which is one of the sections of the award that qualify participants to receive an award at the end of each level.

The Practice Adventurous Journey had 14 silver participants and 65 bronze participants. The silver participants arrived on camp at 4.30pm on Friday the 11th as their level/award require them to spend at least 2 nights and 3 days on camp; while the bronze participants joined them on Saturday morning (their requirement was 1 night and two days). They all camped at the volleyball and basketball courts of the Sports Complex.

The participants went on an 8km explorative/expedition hike to the Lagos State Agricultural Institute, Araga, which was to test their spirit of endurance. They were grouped, and with the aid of a map and a navigating compass, made their way to the institute where they visited the poultry farm, fish farm and the piggery. They were taken round these farms by members of staff of the institute who were on ground to welcome them.

An exciting part of the exercise involved the participants cook their own meals.

It was a rewarding leadership development exercise for our students.