Students Life

Many of our students will be leaving home for the first time and a number of them have families outside Lagos. We ensure that all students have a home away from home, where they feel included, appreciated and part of a close-knit community.


Our students live in comfortable fully air-conditioned rooms. Each year group has its own block comprising 5 or 6 rooms with modern day conveniences. All hostels have; Common Rooms, Games Areas, and Study Areas. The students share common rooms where they; relax, watch television or entertain themselves.

House Parents have individual accommodation within students’ quadrangles in the hostels to ensure supervision at all times. Our medical personnel also reside within the hostel to provide first aid treatment should the need arise.



We are committed to caring for the students and helping each child to realize their full potential. As stand-in parents, we have meaningful relationships with our students adopting a family style environment which is both warm but well disciplined. We teach them to be responsible and also lay foundational moral values such as discipline, respect, courtesy, diligence & integrity.

We ensure that they learn basic domestic work by integrating these chores into their daily routine. Spiritual guidance & activities for our students are daily morning and evening devotion in the hostels, regular Muslim fellowships on Fridays and Christian services on Sundays. 

Students Representative Council

Atlantic Hall creates various opportunities for our students to acquire leadership and organizational skills by exposing students to public speaking and leadership training at the Sea School in SS2 where for example, they are prepared to assume higher levels of responsibility. This training helps to further prepare them for the future to become responsible citizens as well as well-adjusted young adults, easily identifiable as key players in society.

Diligence, self-belief, loyalty, personal resourcefulness and enthusiasm are encouraged to support our aim of developing leadership and the acceptance of responsibility. Students develop integral life skills through a range of media; sports, social, cultural and other recreational activities. They become self-confident and express themselves positively without being arrogant. Our students are independent and competitive on the one hand, but truly supportive of one another and excellent team players on the other.

Omotosho Oluwole
Head Boy 2020/2021

Oyekan Fareedah
Head Girl 2020/2021

Kevin Bassey
Deputy Head Boy 2020/2021

Ayodele Rachael
Deputy Head Girl 2020/2021


Atlantic Hall offers exceptional 24 Hour, 7 Day / Week medical care for all its staff and students. Our fully functional medical center has male & female 15 bed wards, a consulting room, treatment room, quarantine room, nurse’s station and fully stocked pharmacy. The center is also equipped with a fully functioning ambulance, nebulizers, oxygen concentrator, Suctioning Machine, Automated External Defibrillators, and Autoclave.

The medical center is staffed by 2 resident doctors (male & female), 4 nurses and 2 Health Assistants. Our Doctors would be delighted to discuss medical issues concerning students with parents and happily liaise with a student’s regular GP, Consultant and other medical staff, e.g. Physiotherapists etc.

Ambulance Service And Medication

An Ambulance is on campus to convey students in an emergency to partner hospitals in referral cases. All emergencies are assessed on merit and referred accordingly. Minor /routine treatments are carried out at our clinic on campus.

Under no circumstance should a student be in possession of medication excluding Ventolin (for Asthma) and only if authorized by the Doctor. The dispensing and storage of prescribed drugs is overseen by the dedicated medical team to cover a range of non-critical conditions such as malaria.

All prescribed and non-prescribed medications or drugs must be handed over to the medical team who will record the medication, quantify the contents and arrange dispensing according to the prescription. All medications must be presented in a sealed clear plastic bag with the student’s name and year group clearly marked.

Co-Curricular Activities

One of the several advantages of life in boarding school is the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra – curricular activities. Activities include; Sporting, Arts, Science, Music, Service, Cultural and Leadership.

There are not many students who have been through Atlantic Hall, whose interests have not been aroused by one or more of these activities. The participation in these activities, with the consequent rise in confidence, has the inevitable, positive effect on a student’s overall progress and achievements.

Teachers and House staff enthusiastically offer their time to these activities which are complementary and enriching to the academic curriculum. Each student selects 3 activities to participate in during the week and also on weekends. All students must select at least one sport and additional practice sessions are done for students who are in a House or the School team. Each term allows for a level of diversity in and changes to the programme, and the students are encouraged to participate in at least one new activity each term, to try out something they wouldn’t typically consider.

These activities are especially important in teaching the benefits of teamwork, co-operation & involvement.


  • Fitness Club
  • Drama Club
  • Music Club
  • Community Service
  • Photography/Press Club
  • Young Famers Club
  • Art And Design Club
  • Gifted Hands
  • ICT/Coding Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Reading Club
  • BasketBall Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Volley Ball
  • Badminton Club
  • HandBall Club
  • Cricket
  • Young Marshal
  • Chess Club
  • Red Cross
  • Jets Club
  • Conservation Club
  • Environment Club
  • Girls Guide
  • Boys Scout
  • Cultural Club
  • Swimming Club