Learning Environment

The quality of learning environment is very conducive in Atlantic Hall with many outstanding features. These features have an enhancing influence on learners’ progress and achievement.

Classrooms are organised in quadrangles and the Housekeeping team ensures cleanliness and high standards of facility care and cleanliness.

Technology characterizes the learning programme and considerable recent investment has seen enhanced technology in the school with fast and continuous internet provision with numerous access points to ensure that staff and students can access secure internet 24 /7.

Atlantic Hall as a premium school boasts of a learning environment that complements all aspects of a child’s curiosity, interest, and development.

The school (and hostels) enjoy permanent connectivity and access to electricity via two 500 KVA generators and also back-up provision. Two transformers have recently been purchased by the school for planned connectivity to the national grid.

Average class size is 20 students / class, although classes are set to provide for up to 25 students.

Classrooms are compact but well equipped for purpose and all are equipped with state of the art interactive boards (Trace Boards), high resolution projectors as well as split-unit AC’s and required classroom furniture.

Our five (5) laboratories; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Food & Nutrition and Home Economics are attractive and well equipped with both pre-requisite IT facilities and resources, and relevant tools to promote high standards of teaching, learning and experimentation.

Our Technology workshop is well equipped and offers students creative opportunities to engage in design and cross-curricular project-based work projects as well as gain the practical skills necessary for those aspiring engineers.

To further support learning and the rich ICT hardware the school possesses a wide range of ICT tools and resources made available for our students to access and engage in. At the heart is the schools Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and appplications such as; Doddle, Khan Academy, Mind Map, Myimaths, Mathsword and Boardworks are integral to the learning programme

As a consequence of the high levels of resource access and IT, lessons are more student-centered, outcome oriented and progressive.

Learners maximize the rich environment to their advantage and our results from external examinations endorse the advantage gained from such an environment.

A purpose built Sports Center and extensive playing fields allow for rich opportunities for students to develop and enjoy their sporting potential. A swimming pool, basketball courts and multi-playing surface are all contained within the center and all are extensively used by students throughout the week.

Given its rural location and extensive campus, Atlantic Hall also boasts of a farm with varied fruit trees, crops such as Yam and purpose built piggeries to house and support the rearing of pigs and we also rear goats. Students access the farm as an integral part of their studies and in particular, those studying Agricultural Science where the programme is very much ‘hands on’.

However a critical aspect of the school’s learning environment is the consideration of safety and child protection.

Atlantic Hall is fully compliant with Lagos State Fire Regulations and holds a current Certificate from the Fire Authorities which is renewable annually. We are also compliant to the Lagos State Health & Safety requirements and both of the above were noted in our last Quality Assurance Inspection.

Overall Atlantic Hall as a premium school boasts a learning environment that complements all aspects of a child’s, curiosity, interest and development and as a school we maximize the use of the facilities and resources available to us.