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Making learning effective and easy with adequate supervision and exposure; to ensure that, wherever they are, they will be excellent in Learning and in Character.
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Experience interactive & seamless learning on the go when using EDVES. Unrestricted and borderless, EDVES allows learning beyond classroom walls. This portal is for Atlantic Hall students
MyiMaths is a fully interactive, online learning website for secondary students aged 11-18. Used by 4 million learners in over 70 countries, MyiMaths is trusted by teachers around the world to strengthen results and engagement. Written by practising mathematics teachers, MyiMaths continually listens to teachers and responds to their needs. MyiMaths has evolved over the years so that it now offers everything teachers need to teach effective mathematics lessons for all ages and abilities. Interactive lessons, worksheets and mathematical games are linked to a powerful Assessment Manager system that allows teachers to track student progress effectively.
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This portal provides parents with instant insights into their child's academic progress. Parents can view their child's engagement levels (improving, emerging, or underperforming) in key subjects based on specific topics or concepts. Additionally, the portal has been enhanced with AI capabilities to offer tailored feedback for improvement.
Doddle Learn
Doddle is an online resource providing teaching, homework and assessment across 18 subjects. Teachers using Doddle know that they have outstanding, reliable, engaging resources at their disposal. From a topic-wide review to a targeted focus on key skills and concepts – whatever is needed, there’s something ready to go in Doddle. And it’s designed with teachers in mind: teachers can upload their own materials and combine them with Doddle resources into memorable and fun lessons – letting teachers plan their whole term in a couple of clicks.
In a technology driven world, Atlantic Hall is passionate about ensuring that its students are able to use new technologies properly. In addition to an extensive collections of periodical and digital media content, reference books, and scholarly journals, the library has computers which are available to all library users. Atlantic Hall seeks to consistently promote intellectual stimulations, using relevant and cutting edge technology. Plans are underway to renovate and extend the current library building. With the help of computers and other Internet technologies, Atlantic Hall brings the most out of its e-resources by creating a search platform that provides access to the school’s library collection via one search box. With the E-library system, students can quickly find content to complete research projects and other class assignments.