Principal's Message

Dr. Terry Howard
Principal/ Head of School, Atlantic Hal

It is a tremendous privilege to be leading this vibrant Atlantic Hall school community of staff and students with such a long and rich history of providing excellent education.

Many of Atlantic Hall’s students have gone on to achieve tremendous success in the fields of their interests based upon the strong, solid foundation that they acquired while attending this school. The tradition of success for our graduates will continue as our students pursue careers in medicine, law, engineering, technology, and many others.

In the process of preparing our students to engage and navigate our complex and fast-changing world, we recognize the importance of delivering academic excellence in addition to developing their mental agility, global-minded views, strong work habits, healthy self-esteem, self-reliance, and the ability to live and work with others.

These qualities are key to empowering our students to thrive, both as they live and work alongside their friends and peers at Atlantic Hall, and as they go on to lead successful and fulfilling lives beyond the walls of our school.

Atlantic Hall is a Christian faith-based school but is open to families of all faiths who identify with our principal values of ‘Excellence and Integrity’.

Our teachers and staff take the time to really get to know each of our students so that the right balance of challenge and support is provided based on their needs. We are a school which recognizes that success is as unique as the individual and celebrates achievement where it represents the personal best for the child.

As a full boarding school, Atlantic Hall encourages all students to participate in sports, art, music, drama, IT, and a vast range of co-curricular activities, recognizing the way these areas promote and build leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Parents choose Atlantic Hall School because of its well-deserved reputation for getting the best from their children by surrounding them with highly trained, strongly skilled teachers and support staff who possess a wide range of experiences, and by providing their children with varied opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

I am extremely proud of our professional, creative, and competent community of faculty, staff and students.

Please visit the school’s website for more information on the outstanding education we offer to our students at Atlantic Hall. But seeing is believing! Contact us to arrange a visit to the campus if you can. We enjoy welcoming new people so that they can see first-hand all that Atlantic Hall has to offer!

Dr. Terry Howard
Principal/ Head of School, Atlantic Hall