Mr Terfa Tilly-Gyado.
Class of 1994

For your information, the alumni association was founded about 11 years ago, and its primary goals include: (1) the general welfare of its members and (2) support for our great Alma Mater.

Our illustrious alumni are doing amazing things and are now world leaders in politics and public service, banking and finance, science and engineering, sports, and entertainment and so much more.

There is a greater need to stay connected and to help every alumnus be as successful as they can be. Your success is our success.

The Alumni Association website is here to help you stay connected to your friends please visit

I invite you all to get registered to help us grow our database and to be the first to learn of all the fantastic initiatives and welfare programs we have lined up.


All former students of Atlantic Hall are automatically eligible to join the Alumni Association. The association is continually growing as the school’s longevity increases. As an association, its primary purpose is to preserve and promote fellowship amongst present and future alumni as well as support and strengthen the school’s mission for the benefit of its current students. The school’s current alumni are scattered all over the world, representing an impressive and diverse set of professional roles.

Every year members of the alumni representing different professions visit the school and have a Career Day based on their personal and professional experiences since leaving school. As a school with an overt mission-driven emphasis on leadership, it is impressive to note just how many of our alumni occupy top management, entrepreneurship, and other leadership positions all over the world. On the Career Day this aspect is particularly highlighted, although interestingly, it is the fact that these ‘adults’ have sat where they now sit and in many cases have had present teachers teaching them that is thrilling for the students! Overall the underlying role of the alumni is to act as a networking conduit and information service in an informal way.

The current Alumni President is: Mr Terfa Tilly-Gyado. Class of 1994

For enquiries, please contact the Alumni General Secretary (Hon. Femi Urrah) +234 (0) 817 056 6583.

For Atlantic Hall Alumni registration, please click on the link below: