Student Leadership

Derek Menkiti
Head Boy 2023/2024

Having the title of ‘Head Boy’ bestowed on me is an absolute honour. My successors have been a blueprint and I only hope I’ll be able to live up to their names.

My number one priority is for utmost satisfaction, not only from the student body but from all faculty and staff. I strongly believe that full cooperation is obtainable between both sides, and I’ll try my very best to achieve it.

I want my juniors to be able to put me up on a pedestal. My goal is to be an ideal role model, such that the Head Boy in the next year or two would say I inspired him. Not only that, but I want to be a friend; a big brother or even a life coach. We can all work together for a healthy and profitable session. To accomplish excellence and integrity, all we need is God, family, and each other. No matter what, we are intertwined, all of us. It doesn’t matter what grade you are, what position you hold or even if you’re in faculty, we’re all a family.

My fellow prefects and I will do everything in our power to make our incumbency fruitful for every single person. May God guide you and I hope for all the best this session.

Head Girl1
Munachi Mbonu
Head Girl 2023/2024

I’ve come a long way since JSS1 to become the Head Girl of Atlantic Hall. And in these last 5 years, I have seen 5 different set of leaders, from them I have learned a few things and acquired skills that will help me throughout this year.
Being Head Girl is an opportunity I would not be taking for granted. This position has provided me with a platform to help others, both in and outside school. It has also availed me the opportunity to make my ideas and those of my fellow prefects come to life.
This year my main goal is to encourage the students. I want all students to have a way to showcase and discover talents. I want to encourage them to give back to our community and I am lucky to have the support of an amazing set of prefects and the most supportive teachers and house parents.
I want to help improve the homeliness of Atlantic Hall to make all students enjoy their time here the same way I currently am.
Atlantic Hall is the school to be. It is home away from home.