Fees & Deposit

Fees include costs associated with providing a thorough education for students. The fees include teaching, classroom resources, essential educational materials,  textbooks, and some curriculum-based, athletic, or competition-based trips. Fees also include the provision of pastoral care, meals and co-curricular activities.

Payment Information

  • Fees MUST be paid BEFORE RESUMPTION for each term/session. 
  • Students will not be admitted into the Hostels unless ALL outstanding fees are settled. 
  • Rebate  
      • 5% on second child to parents with two children enrolled
      • 10% on third child to parents with three children enrolled
      • 15% on fourth child to parents with four children enrolled
        The discount is given on the Tuition & Boarding Fees of the last child for each category AFTER FULL PAYMENT has been made for the session for all the children.
  • MODE OF PAYMENT: BANK DRAFT is the only acceptable mode of payment. No personal/company cheques are allowed. 
  • Please Note: NO DISCOUNT will be granted for full payment of fees for the session/year