Admission Criteria and Policy

Students joining in JS1
Successful candidates into JS1 will be notified via telephone, a confirmation email and a letter delivered by courier. You are expected to confirm acceptance of the offered admission with a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the child’s First Term fees

It is imperative to act quickly to confirm your interest and you will have approximately 3 weeks to guarantee a place. As a matter of policy, we do not publish or discuss candidates’ scores.

The school will provide an admission pack with all school information, the long-term calendar, and uniform lists. Uniforms are available from designated outfitters. It is important to organize and book items well ahead of resumption.

Transfer Students
For students joining at JS2 and other classes, the offer of admission is made following the submission of completed questionnaires, reference letters (for Nigerian & international students) and recent reports from the child’s previous school.

Transfer students are also required to sit for examinations:

  • English language, Mathematics and Basic science for Junior Secondary School
  • English language, Mathematics and Biology for Senior Secondary School
  • Monitoring
  • Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT-4)

For those that are offered a place and subsequently enroll, the school administers a CAT 4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) to all incoming students. This is an online testing designed by GL Education. GL Education is the United Kingdom’s leading provider of high-quality & research based assessments for children’s education. GL Education provides schools with tools to deliver personalized learning that improves attainment and ensures that each student reaches their potential; in a ‘whole-pupil approach’ to assessment that delivers a holistic view of students.

New students are carefully monitored, academically and pastorally. Their progress is recorded by written reports at the end of each term, and via at least one Parents’ Meeting for your child’s age group each year. Should the school administration have any concerns, the parents or guardians will be contacted immediately. Parents and guardians are also able to contact the child’s Class Teacher, Head of Year or Head of Boarding to assist.

Pass’ Test; Digging Into The Hearts Of Our Students
In order to have 360-degree view of our students, we have introduced another test from GL Assessment called PASS (Pupils Attitude to Self and School). PASS is a short self-evaluation survey that is used to gain insight into attitudes that could be hindering achievement including issues around confidence, resilience, motivation, concentration, disaffection and alienation. By comparing CAT4 and PASS results we will be able to identify fragile learners who are not achieving their potential due to attitudinal barriers. Just like CAT4 reports, PASS reports will also be shared with parents. In Atlantic Hall, we want each child to feel that every lesson has been personalised and designed specifically to meet their needs.

Scholarship And Funding
A Full scholarship is awarded to the candidate who achieves the highest score in the Entrance Examination (no less than 90% and above).

A Partial scholarship is awarded to the candidate that comes second in the Entrance Examination