What does Atlantic Hall look for in an applicant?
Atlantic Hall looks for well-round candidates with above-average grades in core subjects. It looks for hard-working students who apply themselves and do their best on all they undertake in academic, athletic, social, and performing arts arenas.
Does Atlantic Hall admit students into SS1?
Yes, Atlantic Hall does admit students into SS1 but this is based on the availability of space for the academic year.
Do I need to submit all parts of my application at the same time?
Yes. Applicants are required to submit all of their application documents as specified.  
Which standardized tests does Atlantic Hall require?
Atlantic Hall administers Entrance Exams to all applicants.  The performance on these exams, combined with grade reports from the previous school(s), will be taken into consideration for all applicants.
Can a student repeat a school year?
Yes.  Poor academic performance may result in having a student repeat a class or a year.
Does Atlantic Hall offer additional academic programs specifically designed for students with learning differences?
Atlantic Hall provides basic learning support for students with different learning needs.  Atlantic Hall teachers also differentiate their lessons to meet the individual learning styles and learning needs of students.  The school’s goal is to help provide the guidance and support that is needed for all students to reach their academic potential.
When and how are admission decisions communicated?
Admission decisions are  usually communicated to candidates on the third working day following the entrance exams.  Occasionally additional time may be needed to make a final decision. The initial notification will be via telephone after which  confirmation email will be sent.  A printed confirmation letter offering a place to successful students is then sent to the parents.
Are fees discounted for siblings?
Yes. There is a discount of 5% for a second child who is enrolled full-time.  A 10% discount is offered for a third child who is enrolled full-time.  A 15% discount is offered for a fourth child. Discounts are offered only after full payment of fees are received by the school.
Can I schedule a tour to see the school campus and facilities before applying?
Yes. Parents can schedule a tour but it is expected that an appointment will be booked ahead of the visit.
What security measures does the school take for the children’s safety?
Security is of utmost importance at Atlantic Hall. The school has qualified personnel who manage both the internal and external security arrangements of the school.