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Atlantic Hall undertakes a range of student assessments and reporting activities to inform and support student learning.

Student reports for Parents/Guardians are confidential documents, that provide an overview of a student’s achievements and progress, at a point in time, in an accessible form, and are produced at different times throughout the academic year.

The purposes of student reports include:

– Report student progress and achievement in Years JSS1 (Year 7) to 12( SS3);
– Provide Parents/Guardians with clear, individualized information about progress against the achievement standards;
– Identify the student’s areas of strength and areas for improvement;
– Create documents that can be used for transcript and academic references to higher institutions.

Atlantic Hall uses the CAT4  to assess year 7 and new transfer pupils’ potential within the first few weeks of their first term.

What is CAT4 testing?

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT-4) is a diagnostic assessment that is designed to assess pupils’ overall intelligence. It helps students and their teachers understand how the students learn and what their academic potential might be. It also assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference to learning, and expresses pupils’ attitude to self and school.

The CAT4 tests are designed to be taken without any revision or preparation so the school can assess children’s potential related to their ability to reason.

Results from CAT4 can help in intervention, monitoring progress and setting targets for future attainment. CAT4 also assesses a pupil’s ability to reason with and manipulate different types of material through a series of Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative and Spatial Ability tasks. Together, these four tests provide teachers with a comprehensive profile of a pupil’s reasoning abilities, and, as such, the core abilities related to learning.

At the end of the first half of each term, all students are assessed based on Homework, Assignments, Project Work, Quizzes, Class Tests, and other subject-specific work.  

All students are assessed comprehensively to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the end of each term.

During the midterm and end-of-term holidays, the school reviews performances of students for the half and end of term. Students considered to be below an acceptable standard in any subject are placed in an Intervention Programme the moment the school resumes. Satisfactory reports from the subject teacher to the Academic Committee ensures the removal of a child from the programme. In addition, during the holidays, students are engaged academically through two online media options: VLE and doddle-learning.

Open Day

This comes up on every vacation day (Mid-Term and End-of-Term), when pupils collect their academic report cards. Parents/Guardians discuss students’ challenges, achievements and progress with various subject teachers. In addition to producing student reports, Atlantic Hall offers a Parent/Student/Teacher conference, where the student’s progress in different subject areas is discussed.  Both parents and students are involved in the conferences with teachers so that students can begin to take ownership in and understand the importance of their own learning.


Checkpoint: This is a series of assessments designed to assess learners at the end of the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme.

The tests include assessments in Mathematics, English as a Second Language, and Science and they give valuable feedback on the learners’ strengths and limitations before they progress to the next stage of education (secondary school).

It also enables schools to obtain an international benchmark of learner performance to identify and address learning needs. Feedback reports are used to make strategic decisions, drawing upon a pool of information and specialist reporting tools that are built into the tests. Such reports enable teachers to:

– Tailor individual learning programmes
– Monitor individual and group performance
– Compare the performance of all learners taking tests in that session
– Manage learning programmes within schools and as learners move between schools.


IGSCE – In SS2, which is terminal year for the British curriculum, Atlantic Hall students sit International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams. The IGCSE exams are an international alternative to many popular national curricula. It is a qualification based on individual subjects of study, meaning one receives an “IGCSE” qualification for each subject one takes.


In SS3, Atlantic Hall students take their final external examination, the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), conducted by WAEC. This is the second and final tier of the Nigerian Curriculum.

Overall, Atlantic Hall sees ‘Reporting’ as integral to its assessment procedures and partnership with parents.