Our History

The dream that became Atlantic Hall began in the mid-eighties with a few good friends.

Mothers of growing children and busy working women would meet once a month for dinner and great conversation. At one of such monthly dinners, they discussed the apparent rapid decline in the standards of secondary school education in Nigeria. It was sobering for them that they would not be able to provide for their children the same excellent education provided for them by their parents. Unwilling to be resigned to this fate, they determined to rise to the occasion by taking appropriate steps to change the prevailing system. Thus began their quest to establish a secondary school with their vision of academic excellence and essential character for the total development of the child.

The School has purpose-built accommodation and facilities conforming to international standards of comfort, hygiene, and safety.

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The Trustees of the Trust Council are the ten ladies who founded the Trust Council and the school. They are:

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These women could not have imagined the enormous task before them. The path was indeed filled with pitfalls and obstacles every inch of the way. It took their single-minded determination and commitment to overcome the obstacles they met every step of the way, and achieve the status that the school has attained.

From January 1986 when the Atlantic Hall Educational Trust Council was formed and until January 1989 when the school eventually commenced operations – members of the Trust Council through individual, collective efforts and with the support of some organizations, raised the funds to set up the school in the quiet atmosphere of Maryland Estate, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Trustees of the Trust Council are the ten ladies who founded the Trust Council and the school. They are:

The history of Atlantic Hall would be incomplete without acknowledging the selfless contributions of the Trustees, as well as members of the different Board of Governors from inception. These passionate people contributed in no small measure to the actualization of the Atlantic Hall project as conceptualized by the ten Trustees.

Atlantic Hall has not only become one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria, it has also served as a platform for the Trustees to contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of Nigeria by providing employment opportunities to more than 250 Nigerians.

The school commenced operations at its temporary campus with 100 JS1 and JS2 students comprised of Nigerian children and children of other nationalities.

In 1989 the council acquired 30 hectares of land at Poka, Epe in Lagos State, which was to be the permanent campus of the school. As a result of financial constraints, the development of the permanent site as a full boarding school was slow for a few years and the school continued to operate from its temporary site in Maryland Estate, Ikeja. The permanent site project was eventually completed and the school moved to a serene & picturesque rural village in Poka, Epe on October 12th 2003. The campus has purpose built accommodation and facilities conforming to international standards of comfort, hygiene and safety.

As Atlantic Hall recently celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is note-worthy that the school has continued to record success in its dual curriculum approach and excellent results in external examinations such as the Lagos State Junior School Certificate (JSC), West African Senior School Certificate and the IGCSE. The school alumni continue to excel in their chosen fields of work and study, from entrepreneurship, sports, medicine, law, engineering, architecture or fashion design, to humanities, economics and the arts.

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