A school library (or what is sometimes referred to as a ‘media centre’) is a place within a school where students, staff, and often, parents have access to a variety of resources. The school library provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge-based society. It equips students with life-long learning skills and develops their imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens.

Atlantic Hall’s school library was designed to complement and facilitate leaning by students. It is a welcoming environment that has areas for reading as well as a reference room for students who wish to consult the reference materials for factual information related to their study and research. It has a circulation section which accommodates the shelving and storage areas, flexible reading area, and internet/networked computers.

The library team encourages reading, believing that “Readers are Leaders” and that those who are comfortable with reading can easily divert that skill to other academic activities that require reading – whether a story that translates into other pleasurable realms or a text that informs readers about new ideas or perspectives. The library enjoys helping students select reading titles that will engage and challenge them as well as improve the quality of research skills they acquire.

The library team works diligently with students on projects that promote reading not solely for academic advancement, but also for leisure, and to understand the value of the library. Our team is committed to producing well rounded students that have good reading, thinking, and analytical skills.

Students are free to come to the library either individually during their break times, after school, and during their self-study periods to borrow or return  books.  They can conduct research or focus on individual study, or they may be accompanied by their teachers during designated library periods.

The library is open Monday through Saturday.

The library has about 15,000 books, periodicals, audio-visuals, and other materials. for students, teachers and parents to use. The library’s collections include a wide variety of non-fiction titles selected to enhance the academic curriculum (IGCSE to WAEC) as well as many general interest topics. The fiction section is equally diverse in terms of genres, reading and interest levels. Most books are in English, but there is a range of titles in French, Igbo and Yoruba languages.

Students are allowed to borrow one book at a time, and it can be held for one week. Borrowed books can be renewed for an extra week, if a hold has not already been placed. The prompt return of books is appreciated and there are fines for late books.  If books are lost or damaged while checked out to a student, the student is responsible for paying to replace the book before more books can be checked out.

The library is easy to use as every shelf is well-labelled to indicate the subject or kind of books it contains. All fiction books are alphabetically arranged according to author’s last name.

All library computers have internet access and students can either save their work in the school server or on USB devices.  Printing out of material is discouraged to conserve paper.

In a technology driven world, Atlantic Hall is passionate about ensuring that its students are able to use new technology properly. In addition to an extensive collections of periodical and digital media content, reference books, and scholarly journals, the library has computers which are available to all library users.

Atlantic Hall seeks to consistently promote intellectual stimulations, using relevant and cutting edge technology. Plans are underway to renovate and extend the current library building.

With the help of computers and other technological resources, Atlantic Hall’s library brings the most out of its e-resources by creating a search platform that provides access to the school’s library collection via one search box. With the E-library system, students can quickly find content to complete research projects and other class assignments. Visit the school library at:

Atlantic Hall is in partnership with a global nonprofit organization called Wordreader which provides a platform, Booksmart, through which students of varying ages can access, download, and read free educational and inspiring e-books or listen to audio versions of them. The said ages are 3 to 5, 6 to 8 and 9 to 12 covering different categories, and the homepage reads ‘Keep Children Reading’. The objective behind this is to have a reading culture renaissance.

There are available slots on the school’s timetable that allows students to have quality reading time. 

Throughout the academic year, students are assessed based on books they have read. Also, members of the Worldreader organization keep a tab on students’ commitment to reading and report this information to the Worldreader project managers who are on the staff of Atlantic Hall.