Summary of Advantages of OSSD

Students get an internationally renowned diploma without exams and can showcase their abilities in multiple ways;

Every student registered for the OSSD programme is considered a Canadian student and is given a unique Ontario Education Number (OEN);

OSSD students can apply directly to Ontario universities with clearer, more accommodating entrance requirements;

Get a fast-track residency in Ontario Province with an OSSD, including paying home fees after your first year;

Students in OSSD access more scholarships, including the Ontario Scholars Award for an 80% average;

Competitive schools worldwide do not require A-Levels or foundation degrees for those with OSSD;

Suitable for students with special needs and competitive athletes;

When students meet the Ontario student eligibility criteria, university placements are guaranteed. Qualified OSSD graduates have access to world-class post-secondary institutions in Ontario Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States;

24/7 access to Canadian tutors online;

Scholarships and training for competitive sports in Canada;

It has over 150 interactive and engaging courses including STEM, Computer Science, AP courses, Core French, as well as catering for students in various pathways such as Medical, Business, Engineering, Design, Health and Social Science, Visual Arts and more;

The curriculum for the OSSD programme is consistently evaluated as one of the top five education systems in the world by Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA);

Just like the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme, the OSSD is a recorgnised high-quality international curriculum but has a competitive advantage of catering for all learning styles;

While the IB programme is generally rigorous and often stressful for the student, the OSSD programme is inclusive and balanced, and has proven to yield the same results of students securing admission to top universities;