At Atlantic Hall School, the parent-teacher-student consultation is a pivotal event that fosters collaboration and mutual understanding. This quarterly gathering provides a platform for open and constructive dialogues, strengthening the partnership between parents and teachers on one hand, and our enthusiastic students on the hand. The consultation serves as a catalyst for academic growth, allowing […]


Over the past 4 years, Atlantic Hall has celebrated “The international Day of the the Girl Child” with a continuous focus on encouraging Atlantic Hall girls’ leadership, health, well-being and achieving their aspirations and goals.This year’s celebration had an international theme: ” Girls Power- The Time is Now. Under the school’s community spirit ethos, Atlantic […]

Mental health assembly

Fostering Well-Being: A Reflection on 2023 Mental Health Day at Atlantic Hall Atlantic Hall School places a strong emphasis on mental health and well-being among its students. They have established a comprehensive support system that includes counseling services, workshops, and awareness programs. Students are encouraged to engage in open and honest dialogues about their mental […]