Frequently Asked Question

An all-round candidate with above average grades in core subjects
Yes, Atlantic Hall does. This is however based on availability of space for the academic year.
Yes. You are required to submit all your application documents as specified
Entrance and Transfer Examination conducted by the school.
Yes, a poor academic performance may attract a repeat of a class or year.
Successful and un-successful candidates are communicated on the third working day following the examination. They are notified in the first instance via telephone and confirmation e-mail. A confirmation letter offering a place to successful students is delivered by courier.
Yes. There is a discount on a third child (10%) and in respect of a fourth child (15%), after full payment of fees are received by the school
Yes. You can schedule a tour but it is expected that you book an appointment ahead of the visit.
Security is our topmost priority. We have qualified personnel that manage both internal and external security arrangement of the school.