Established in 1989 by the Atlantic Hall Educational Trust Council, Atlantic Hall is a co-educational full-boarding secondary school committed to providing a well-rounded education, guided by a committed faculty and outstanding pastoral care. Atlantic Hall has a dual curriculum pathway to teach both the Nigerian and International (IGCSE) programmes. This approach to secondary school education is enabling, for the possible migration of graduates to alternative international education systems and wider enrichment.

The school has 650 students and a staff-student ratio of 9:1, creating an optimum learning environment and the nurture of each student to develop inherent talents, mental agility, self-belief, strength of character and the ability to live and work well with others.

Living and learning on a safe and serene 30 hectare campus in Poka – Epe, Lagos, the Atlantic Hall student graduates as a leader and erudite scholar, cultured and fully equipped to excel in life, higher education and leadership positions across top professions globally.



Parents who are interested in applying for a place at Atlantic Hall must purchase an application form online, at the school campus, or one of our
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We appreciate that choosing the right school is an important decision for parents and their children. Each September between 100–120 students join
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The school has chosen to maintain its existing population of about 650 pupils between the ages of 10-17 and has a staff-student ratio of 9/1 to allow
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Atlantic Hall offers exceptional 24 Hour, 7 Day / Week medical care for all its staff and students. Our fully functional medical center has male &
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Pastoral welfare in Atlantic Hall is organized to complement academic development, as a happy and settled student is more likely to succeed
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Student Survey (2017)

The school recently undertook a ‘confidential’ satisfaction survey of its students.

As a school we see effective working as a partnership where the contribution of all stakeholders are seen as............

Planning – 2017-18 Session (School Development Plan Formation)

This has been underway for some time already, but is particularly gathering momentum at present.

Surveys of students (2017) and parents (2106) will help inform the school development plan for the............

Learning – ‘A 360 degree view’

Competition in education is increasing for all students not just those in this school, but Nigeria as a whole and indeed the whole world (a theme picked up repeatedly at our COBIS conference) and we must............

Exams Season!

All students are currently very focused on preparations for their end of year examinations and for some ‘external examinations”

Our SS2 students are currently completing their IGCSE examinations,............

London COBIS Conference & Educational visits

Recently the Principal accompanied by a number of Trustees of the school attended the annual conference of COBIS (of which we are members) in London at the 02 Centre.

The conference attracts a global............

Graduation – Class of 2017

Once again Atlantic Hall prepares to say farewell to its senior students, most of whom have spent the past 6 years as borders in this great school.

All have recently taken and completed their WAEC............

From ‘Good to Great’!

You will probably recognize the title from the famous ‘Jim Collins book of the same name?

Sport is a key aspect of our learning programme in Atlantic Hall and over time we have helped produce and............

Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

In the last session and throughout the long break between sessions, the PTA has been very active on a number of initiatives and projects.

Recently, a major refurbishment and re-equipping of the............

Airport Shuttle Service

The school provides a well-coordinated Airport shuttle services for parents who live in Warri, Port-Harcourt and Abuja at both Mid-Term and End of Term holidays
The procedures............

Place Offer (and what to do)

Successful Applicants who achieve the test level required by the school will be invited to take a place to study at Atlantic Hall. Initially the confirmation of place offer will be via the telephone with a............

Admission Test Registration & Fee

Registration to take the on-line CAT-4 admission test to JS1 will cost N20, 000. Applicants may register from October 1 2016 on-line using our interactive payment............

School Improvements &Refurbishment

Progress has continued throughout the long break between sessions to transform Atlantic Hall to reflect 21st century facilities and complement the outstanding recent progress in teaching, learning and............

Enrolment 2016-17 Session

Entrance Examination Dates
Atlantic Hall will be introducing a new form of ‘Entrance Selection’ for the session commencing 2017-18 based on an on-line test of............


For those students placed on our waiting list for entry into the current JS1, please be assured that if for whatever a reason a place becomes available, parents of wait listed students will be............

2016-17 Session


JS1 – Wednesday 31 August 2016

JS2 – SS3 – Sunday 4 September 2016

Number on Roll............